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EkviMed's mission is to revolutionize clinical decision-making in human medicine, and our goal is a world where access to health care is a collective good.

Globally there is an unmet need for health care. There are many reasons to this where one of the most important being the lack of health professionals. The need for health professionals asserts itself globally, in both densely populated and rural areas. The demand will continue to grow for the next thirty years. 

Too few health professionals signifies less time spent per patient. In many areas of the world there's not a doctor for miles, access to health care being virtually non-existent. For many people it entails no doctor at all. The lack of a specific medical discipline can in worst case lead to death.


With help from descision-support we will experience an efficiency improvement within the health sector, thus more time spent per patient. Medical doctors will also be able to treat patients with illnesses outside their medical discipline. The latter being of great importance especially in rural areas where access to more than one medical discipline can be rare. In areas where distances indicates that a visit to the doctor is unlikely other health professionals should be able to utilize decision support. By examining the patient and determining a likely diagnosis the patient will get information needed to make a decision if a travel to the doctor is necessary or not. 

Thus we are implementing EkviMed DiCal, a decision support application that will function within all medical disciplines.